We transport all equipment & supplies via checked luggage, transporting 4 mobile operating rooms

The team unloading the bus

Greetings from familiar faces and past patients

New cleft patient, Baby Aron

New cleft patient, Baby Juan

Team members entertain waiting patients by making surgical glove balloon animals

Chris, Chris, Breanna, Brian, Kathy

Banner outside of the hospital advertising our mission

Luis, Dianne and kids during screening

Busy at work

Jon Skirko

Sarena and Prisilla comforting a patient before surgery

Leah using the microscope to put in ear tubes while Jordan prepares supplies for her

Ryan and Shaun operating

Melissa Scholes operating while Sarena manages the airway

PACU team checking vital signs after surgery

Jen delivering baby to his father

A cell phone saves the day

New cleft patient, Baby Rosela

Team members Jen, Richard and Renee

Cleft baby Jheyson and his parent

Richard and a very happy family in the PACU after surgery

Sharlene and baby Wilbor

Linda and Kira

Sarena with Wilbor before surgery

Chris, Sarena and Kathy getting the case started

Dianne handing instruments to the surgeon

SLP ladies: Linda, Mary and Lindsay

Gabriella's surgical team

OR with 2 beds

Special guest makes balloon animals for the children and their parents

Leah with a patient and their mother

Sharlene with moms in pre-op

Clown noses bring lots of smiles in the pre-op area

Kerry and Ander pre-op

Patsy playing with a patient in the recovery area

Kathy and a cleft patient in post-op

Jordan bonding with Fue

SLP checking up on patients in post-op

Tendy and Aron before and after surgery

Melissa, Jon and Lorenzo before and after surgery

Helen, Shari and Mildom and his mother

Ryan and Armando

Jared and baby Juan

Baby Juan playing with his surgeon in post-op

Brian and his clown nose brings lots of smiles and laughter to the pre-op area

Ryan and Shaun in surgery while Jordan looks on

Jen tenderly cares for a baby in post-op

Ryan and Kihara post-op

Jesus' sweet smile

Blue Steal - Ryan and Dana Sofia give a quick pose

Group shot in front of bus

Kathy and Jury, local medical student and liaison

Arturo, Lindsay, Chris P, Heidi

Charlotte with Danna Sofia

Sarah Morse

Sweet mom moment

Ryan and Shaun operating

Shaun looking at past patient pictures during screening

Shaun operating

Ann in her make-shift office

Chris S. and his favorite anesthesia machine

Chris P. also loves the portable anesthesia machine

Joel and Anne G. headed to recovery

Melissa performing a cleft palate surgery

Stop everything!

Sweet mom moment after lip surgery

Tendy prepping his sutures

Tendy rocking the nose

Unconventional recliner

Ann and Noe taking a pre-op selfie

Gift time - Brian handing out little toys to patients in post-op

Joel checking out Danna Sofia in pre-op

Luis and Jared operating

OR staff bonding with a family

Renee's tender moment

Ryan showing off his strength in many ways

Tender family moment

Ander before and after surgery

Ander's surgical team: Ryan (Surgeon) Kerry (Anesthesiology) Kathy (OR tec), Jamie (Anesthesiology Resident)

Ann G discovers a little treasure in that blanket

Baby Juan before and after surgery

Baby Wilbor before and after surgery

Baby Rosela before and after surgery

Baby Jheyson before and after surgery

Baby Aron before and after surgery

Baby Lorenzo before and after surgery

Baby Thiago before and after surgery

Linda and Helen are DONE!

November 2014 Mission To Lima, Peru

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