Addressing the Waiting Room

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Ann Brown and Ian McKnight give the waiting families an update about the surgical schedule for the day.

Team Member Angela Williams

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Nurse Williams happily waits for her next patient to arrive in the recovery room.

Mom and baby

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Child receives a tender embrace from her mother after her palate surgery.

Child in need of surgery

Another child in need of surgery

Child from Huancavelica

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The red chapped cheeks of this little girl is the "tell-tale sign" of the people who live in the remote mountain village of Huancavelica. Their cheeks get chapped from the cold and wind. These humble people traveled 2+ days to see our team for treatment.

Cutest Boy

Cutest Girl

Happy Patient

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Happy to be done with his surgery and back to playing with his toys.

Junior pre-op

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This 1.5 year old boy with a bilateral (both sides) cleft lip was all smiles as he waited his turn for surgery.

Junior in recovery

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Dramatic changes bring the sweetest tears: The mother of the most dramatic cleft lip patient of the mission weeps as she sees her sleeping baby in recovery for the first time without his cleft lip.

From Colorado with Love

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This little boy from Huancavelica plays with a little wood car while he waits his turn for surgery. Over 100 wood cars were hand carved and donated for the children by a group of retired men at a local church in Denver, CO.

Ann Brown & Translator Heidi Espinoza

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Heidi Espinoza is one of the many dedicated and selfless professional translators who donated their time to translate for the families and for the mission staff.

Scheduling meeting

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Ryan Brown puts together the surgical schedule for the following day while Ann meets with the translators.

Dr. Melissa Scholes injecting

Dr. Scholes checking patient charts

Dr. Scholes operating

Dr. Scholes checks on a patient

Mother and son

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A mother helps her son drink from a spoon after surgery.

Native boy

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A native boy sleeping in his mother's traditional blanket awaiting surgery.

Villiage Girl

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Little girl from a small mountain village riding on her mother's back.

Dr. Ryan Brown checking out a new patient

Little girl & her mother waiting in pre-op

This pre-teen waits his turn to get his lip fixed

Team photo

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Dr. Ryan Brown, Ann Brown, Lourdes Martel (director of local recruitment) and another local recruiter.


Dr. Brown, Jordan Councill, local patient & mom

Dr. Ryan Brown operating

Dr. Ryan Brown rounding on a patient


Sweet family photo

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Mom & dad sharing a sweet moment with their baby after surgery.

Tears of Joy

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Mother seeing her baby for for the first time without a cleft lip.

After surgery

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Jordan, Melissa, Patsy, and Shawn take a patient to recovery.

Dr Tendy Chang operating

Dr. Chang operating

Dr. Chang holding a sweet child post-op

Doctor with mom and patient

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Dr. Chang with a grateful mom and her little girl helped with surgery.

A special thank you

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A patient drew a very special picture for Ann Brown and asked to have their picture taken.

Team photo

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Ian McKnight holds a child in recovery with cousin Dr. Ryan Brown and Ann Brown.

Team photo

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Ann Brown, Lourdes Martel, patient recruiter, local translators Nathaly Vasquez & Lady Espinoza.

Jill Argenbright with a local family

November 2013 Mission To Lima, Peru under HTCNE

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